Welcome to HAIR TO LOVE


“Let’s go out tonight “he says

You glance in the mirror and think” Oh ,no ! My hair!

Too late to wash or blow dry  !

What if you had a ready-made hairstyle, that you could use

anytime you needed it!

Well now you can ! Look through this website and find a new

hairstyle for any occasion

Or if you see a hairstyle somewhere else, show us and we get it for you!


We provide a large online inventory of alternative hair products - top quality children's, men's and women's synthetic and human hair wigs, hairpieces, hair enhancers, add-ons and extensions.We import brand names: Adolfo, Eva Gabor, Dolly Parton, Louis Ferre, Rene of Paris, Rachel Welch, European Naturals, Fashion Tress, Revlon , Troika and Gisella Mayer.